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PANDORA has been celebrating women’s uniqueness for more than 30 years, crafting jewellery for personal expression and meaningful gifting. Each season, PANDORA’s Design team embarks on a special journey to raise the bar of jewellery design. Exquisite new details and embellishments are introduced and combined with high-end craftsmanship. Every collection features hand-finished pieces that are timeless, on-trend and forever relevant to the women wearing them. Create your own unique look by styling your existing pieces with new jewellery designs.

The heritage of bespoke jewellery is evident in all PANDORA designs. Our jewellery is hand made by highly skilled craftspeople in Bangkok, Thailand. Traditional goldsmith techniques are used to craft the jewellery and the same techniques that diamond setters use are applied when setting stones by hand.
PANDORA is forever searching for different stone cuts for jewellery designs; rediscovering antique cuts, such as the oval cut, as well as discovering new innovations. Mixed stone cuts, for instance, are in demand right now. In the new collection, up to three different stone cuts are used on the same piece of jewellery to create a sparkling kaleidoscope of shapes and tones.

This season's collection is inspired by a winter wonderland. Inspiration has been taken from the solar system and the abstract wonders of the frosty landscape. Stunning textures and dazzling blues, silver and iridescent white illuminate starry constellations and frosted flowers. Here are some of the unique jewellery design stories – and quintessential winter pieces.
Flowers dusted with snowflakes and twinkling in the light. The resulting Crystallised Floral charm immortalises a winter flower. Its innovative button shape and flowery sterling silver form is embellished with ice-like hand set crystals. Petite cut-out hearts add an abstract element.
Featured items
Featured items
Inspiration is taken from ice patterns that appear on windows and lakes during wintertime. Reflecting this stunning scene and the fashion trend of mixed stone cuts are Patterns of Frost stud earrings. Their clusters of shard-like crystals in rose, marquise and round brilliant cuts shimmer with bright blues and opalescent white.
Contemporary expressions, vintage references and traditional crafting techniques breathe new life into stone cuts and arrangements. The oval-cut centre stone and brilliant halo of the Vintage Elegance ring are designed to elongate the finger.
The serene Starry Night charm is delicately crafted from Murano glass in a deep midnight blue shade. The glass has a special iridescent effect, reflecting other blue tones when viewed from different angles. The celestial feel is further enhanced by the white star details, which are carefully hand painted and topped with twinkling cubic zirconia. This means that no two charms are exactly the same.
Featured items
Featured items
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