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Magnificent combinations and stunning patterns can be achieved when you simply pull the strings through a charm, two-by-two. Finish off with a clip charm, or try braiding the strings before tugging them through the charms. There is no end to what you can do.

#1. Fold the bracelet in half and place a charm in the center, folding the two ends upward.

#2. Pass the fixed ends through the open loop at the other end of the bracelet.

#3. Affix a PANDORA clasp to the fixed ends.

#4. Affix clasps on either side of the charm.



#1. Fold the bracelet together end to end and place three charms on both sections.

#2-4. Take the looped end of the bracelet and weave it back towards the opposite end of the bracelet, passing through each of the charms alternating sides.

#5-6. When passing through the final charm, make sure the fixed end the looped end of the bracelet are parallel to each other.

#7-9. Tie the two ends together in a standard knot.


Take a look for inspiration:

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