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Pandora Jewelry, LLC

Tel: 410-309-0200

Retailer Inquiries: usinfo@PANDORA.NET
Consumer Inquiries: usconsumer@PANDORA.NET
Advertising Inquiries: usmarketing@PANDORA.NET
Website Inquiries: usonline@PANDORA.NET
Franchise Inquiries: usfranchise@PANDORA.NET

Orders Fax: 410-309-0250
Returns Fax: 443-766-1956
Marketing Fax: 443-766-1955
Advertising Requests Fax: 443-766-1943
Accounting Fax: 443-766-1954
Sales Department Fax: 443-766-1941
Merchandising Fax: 443-799-1942

Media contact:

Keshia Holland
Public Relations and Online Marketing
Tel: 410-309-0200

The Americas Executive Team:

Scott Burger
President, North America

Angel Ilagan
Vice President, Marketing

Lynn Smith
Chief Human Resources Officer

Matthew Scott
Vice President, Legal & General Counsel

Kevin Conklin
Vice President, Operations

Detria Courtalis
Director, Retail and Franchising

Beth Moeri
Senior Vice-President, Merchandising

Laurie McDonald
Vice-President of Sales

Michael Lund
Senior Advisor and Co-founder

Scott Kenney
Chief Financial Officer

Ginger Melia
Director, Merchandising

David Lamb
Manager, Franchise Development


PANDORA Jewelry Ltd.
Tel: 416-626-1211
Fax: 416-626-1411

Website: http://www.PANDORA.NET/en-CA

Nazir Noormohamed
Operations Director - Canada


Brad Owings
National Account Manager

USA Northeast

Joe D’alessandro
Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Barbara Quinchia
Territory: Eastern Massachusetts

Diane Magnarelli
Territory: Eastern Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire

Barbara Geiger
Territory: Western Connecticut, Westchester, NY

Deborah Shaymer
Territory: Eastern Connecticut

Juliana Creem
Territory: New York City, Long Island

John Zahler
Territory: Eastern Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia

Nicole Viola
Territory: Eastern Pennsylvania

Tim Aller
Territory: Western Massachusetts, Eastern New York, Western Vermont

Gwynn Tartaglione
Territory: Southern New Jersey

Alex Magner
Territory: Western Maryland, Mid-South Pennsylvania, Eastern West Virginia

Gigi Crosby
Territory: Western New York

John Gremillot
Territory: Northern New Jersey, Putnam Country, New York


Pam Lipsky
Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Tiffany Hartman
Territory: Virginia

Eunice Arroyo-Perez
Territory: Caribbean

Dolores Howard
Territory: Eastern North Carolina

Kenneth Cardenas
Territory: Southern Georgia

Chuck Rouse
Territory: Northern Georgia, Eastern Tennessee

Rick Miller
Territory: Central Florida

Susan B. Whitaker
Territory: Western North Carolina

Georgia Cabirac
Territory: North Florida

Jeffrey Seehof
Territory: Caribbean

Sarah Boling
Territory: South Carolina, Eastern Georgia

Judy Vieria
Territory: Southern Florida

Mid- South

Cinthia Moniz
Mid-South Regional Manager

Jane Ihler
Territory: Kansas, Western Missouri

John Wooten
Territory: Southern Illinois, Eastern Missouri, Far West Kentucky

Mindy Bush
Territory: Southeast Texas, Houston, Louisiana

Brittney Marshall
Territory: Southwest Texas, San Antonio

Manolo Barral-Porto
Territory: Latin America, Chile

Hollie Pierce
Territory: Oklahoma, Texas Panhandle

Deanna Christian
Territory: Alabama, Northeast Mississippi, Pensacola Florida

Gary Kimberling
Territory: Arkansas, North Louisiana, Texerkana, Memphis, Northwest Mississippi

Suzanne Guglielmo
Territory: Louisiana


Kevin Fulkman
Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Angela Davenport
Territory: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota

Stacey Bock
Territory: Illinois – Greater Chicago Area

Jennifer Houchin
Territory: Indiana, Northern Kentucky

Gary Bryan
Territory: Iowa, Nebraska

Mona Saba-Bongiomi
Territory: Indiana, Western Michigan

Kelly Zaffina
Territory: Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western Virginia

Cindy Lampen
Territory: Eastern Michigan

Douglas Diamond
Territory: Southern Ohio

Renee Hathaway
Territory: Northern Ohio

Kendra Linn
Territory: Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky

Caryl Mulder
Territory: Wisconsin


David Patterson
West Coast Regional Sales Manager

William Cartee
Territory: Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho

Stuart Schnipper
Territory: Hawaii, Arkansas

Kathy Waggoner
Territory: Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas

Neal Levitan
Territory: North California

Chuck Hitt
Territory: Colorado

Cindy Sparks
Territory: Washington, Oregon

Lori Plummer
Territory: San Diego, Orange Counties

DeeAnn Spence
Territory: Los Angeles, Fresno, Las Vegas

Sales Representatives – Canada

Richard McNelly
Canadian Regional Sales Manager

Alyson Grace
Territory: ON_W

Diana McNab
Territory: Quebec

Anita D’Amario
Territory: Toronto, Greater Toronto Area

Monica Boychuk
Territory: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Ontario

Tracey Kulchyski
Territory: British Columbia – lower mainland north, Vancouver Island

Annette Angus-Sheppard
Territory: Atlantic Provinces

Lesley Wilcox
Territory: Southwest Ontario

Suzanne Walker
Territory: British Columbia - lower mainland south and interior

Stephanie Wideman
Territory: Alberta


Jeffery Seehof
Territory: Caribbean

Eunice Arroyo-Perez
Territory: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic


Ray Rivera
Territory: Latin America & Chile

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