When did you last show your appreciation? Sometimes we get so tangled up in our own lives and
seemingly never-ending to-do lists filled with a myriad chores - dry cleaning, grocery shopping,
loan review, present for kids birthday, visit mum, call an old friend - that we forget to show how
much we appreciate others. Our priorities sometimes need reexamining. And it doesn’t require
much time or effort to do something that will create precious memories and be valued for a long
time to come. Get some good inspiration from our fans and followers who show their
appreciation with simple acts.

Something else we truly appreciate is dreaming ourselves away to exotic
destinations. This month we travel to Sydney, where our Australian editor
gives us the low down on the metropolis down under. We also dig out our
boho–chic dresses, Stetsons, and suede, and head out for a girls-only ranch
weekend filled with riding and relaxation. For the music festivals and
summer parties already pencilled in our diaries, we look closer at the
trends from Coachella as inspiration for how to dress for the occasion.

It’s festival time! – For
me as well. This year
I’ll go all in on the
70’s fringe trend,
paired with a pair of
boyfriend jeans.
This month I bangle up with lots of
symbols - ready for a dance at this
summer’s festivals
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