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A fashion failsafe and easy
to wear with anything, sail
into summer with a classic
Breton stripe top.
Brow care has become a routine
part of any beauty regime. Keep
your brows in check with L’Oréal
Paris’ new Brow Artist Genius Kit,
containing pigmented wax and
powder to achieve natural to bold
brow looks in an instant.
Our beauty passion
Power accessory
No longer reserved for the
track, sneakers continue to
bask in fashion glory. Go for
classic white leather or
canvas for chic summer feet.
We travel to
There’s a reason Copenhagen is
considered the happiest capital in
the world. Best enjoyed in summer,
when it wakes from hibernation,
explore the city’s mix of historic
charm and modern cool. Follow
our summer in the city at
PANDORAofficial on snapchat.
Want inspiration?
Gisele Bündchen
She recently walked her
last runway, but we’re sure
we haven’t seen the last of
the Brazilian Bündchen,
who by the way celebrates
her 35th birthday this month.
We adore ...
Featured items
Last month we hosted
our Preview AW event
in Venice, Italy.
Here are our favorite
moments on instagram.
The cool and beautiful charm,
which easily styles on it’s own…
The Tropicana palm silver charm,
that we also use is our earrings
this month.
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