the look of you
Discover the Top 10 trends for AW16 and browse the personal stylings of
10 fashion stylists and bloggers. See how they style their favourite trends. 

The renaissance trend
The street
Bohemian trend
The blooming
colors trend
The Metal
Madness trend
The Romantic
Florals trend
The lace trend
The Gothic
Romance Trend
The menswear trend
The velvet
Hues trend
The military trend
We shot a film with 3 stylists and an (for them) ‘unknown’ woman they had
to style. Watch how the woman’s uniqueness is expressed through the eyes
of the stylists, compared to her own perception.
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See more on our Instagram page and tag a friend to the look
you think she could own. And don’t forget to tag yourself.
What’s the Look of You?

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