What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file, which the internet browser places on your device. It is what you could call “a identification card” in other words, the cookie’s job is to notify the site that the user has  returned. By remembering browser settings, login and system information the user is presented with a service minded and optimized website.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to remember your choices:

- Language and country

- Your own designs

- Logged in or not logged in to PANDORA Club

- Browser settings and plug-ins

- Storing information about usage of our website

How does that help you?

By remembering your settings, we don’t have to ask you for, e.g. country each and every time you visit our site. Your settings also tell us about what equipment you are using. This way we can adjust the site to provide the best user experience. To optimize your experience even further, we collect data about your movement and use of the site. Please notice that the data we collect is statistical and not personal.

Here is a list of cookies that we use on the UK website:

Name of Cookie Usage Lifetime
chkcookie Cookie used to determine if the browser supports cookies Session
.PROD.ASPXAUTH Is used to determine if a user is authenticated (If they are currently logged in) Session
consumer#lang Stores information about the current country that the user has selected 3 months
Membered Used by the widgets to determine if user is currently logged in. This allows for member/non-member specific content 10 years
VI Visitor Information. 
PC: PageCount
SC: ShowCount
SD: ShowDate
10 years
userEmail Stores the user email while the users are logged in Session
_utma Google analytic cookie that registers each user's amount of visits, and the time of the first visit, the previous visit, and the current visit 2 years
_utmz Google analytics cookie that registers where a visitor came from (search engine, search keyword, link) 2 years
_utmb Google analytics cookie 1 hour
_utmc Google analytics cookie 1 years
NID Cookie set when google maps is used on the PANDORA store locator 6 months
psc This and the following 8 cookies are from "Add this" and are used to collect (non-personally identifiable) sharing statistics on the PANDORA platform when users share products through the add this module (mail, twitter, Facebook etc.) 2 years
uvc Add this 2 years
uid Add this 2 years
ssc Add this 2 years
sshs Add this 2 years
ssh Add this 2 years
di Add this 2 years
dt Add this 1 month
loc Add this 3 months
_atuvc Add this 2 years
NMUID This and the next 6 cookies are all related to Adobe Analytics tracking which allows PANDORA to obtain data on the user behavior on .net (How do they navigate on the site, where do they click etc.) Unlimited
lv Netminers tracking Unlimited
vc Netminers tracking Unlimited
$nmlv Netminers tracking Unlimited
$nmuid Netminers tracking Unlimited
$nmvc Netminers tracking Unlimited
ASP.NET_SessionId Netminers tracking Session
fb_144650179438 The following three cookies are related to the Facebook login functionality on and are only present if/when Facebook login is used Session
BC_BANDWIDTH Brightcove Video Player Session
AkamaiAnalyticsDO_visitStartTime Brightcove Video Player Session
AkamaiAnalytics_VisitCookie Brightcove Video Player Session
AkamaiAnalytics_BrowserSessionId Brightcove Video Player Session
AkamaiAnalytics_VisitIsPlaying Brightcove Video Player Session
AkamaiAnalytics_VisitLastCloseTime Brightcove Video Player Session
AkamaiAnalyticsDO_visitMetricsCsv Brightcove Video Player Session
AkamaiAnalyticsDO_bitRateBucketsCsv Brightcove Video Player Session
clientLastPTimes Brightcove Video Player Session
fbm_144650179438 Facebook login Facebook controls lifetime
fbsr_144650179438 Facebook login Facebook controls lifetime
cookiesDirectiveAccepted If the user has accepted the use of cookies 10 years
OriginalContextDeviceName Whether the user is using a mobile device or not 10 years
sc_device If the user should be presented with Desktop or Mobile layout Session
MyGeoInfo City/Country cookie Session
VI This cookie keeps track of what notifications the user has seen 10 years

How to avoid and / or delete cookies?

Most browsers accept cookies by default, however you can alter your browser settings to not accept cookies or delete the cookies from your system. Most browsers do allow a “private” mode where cookies are always deleted after a visit. Depending on which browser you are using, the setting has a different name. Below you can find the most common browsers and the “private” mode:

- Internet Explorer 8 and newer; InPrivate

- FireFox 3.5 and newer; Private Browsing

- Google Chrome 10 and newer; Incognito

- Safari 2 and newer; Private Browsing

- Opera 10.5 and newer; Private Browsing

Please read your browser’s help section for more information about how to set the “private” mode or how to delete cookies. You can still visit our site even though your browser is in “private” mode, however the user experience might not be optimal and some functionalities might not work.

Please read our general Terms and Conditions here.

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