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How often should I have my PANDORA watch serviced?

PANDORA recommends you have your watch serviced at intervals of 3 years. Regular servicing is key to ensuring longevity and optimum performance.

Is my 5ATM watch water proof?

5ATM watches are water resistant rather than water proof. This water resistance equates to ‘splash resistance’. Water resistance is not permanent. With time and wear, the water-resistant characteristics of your watch diminish as internal seals become worn. Water leakage may occur if seals are not maintained. The crown must be correctly positioned (pushed in) to prevent moisture from entering your watchcase.

Can I swim in my PANDORA watch?

Whilst you may surface swim in still water in your PANDORA watch, we do not recommend that you do so, particularly if the strap is made from leather. As salt and chlorine may cause the premature deterioration of seals and gaskets, we recommend that you remove your watch before swimming. The natural force of diving and ocean waves may force water into your watchcase, so we recommend that you remove your watch before swimming at the beach.

Can I shower in my PANDORA watch?

You can shower in your watch although we recommend that you do not expose your watch to hot water including hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, dish washing etc as small steam particles can be forced into the watchcase resulting in rust.

How often should I have my watch battery replaced?

Batteries expire at different rates depending on environmental factors. Battery leakage may occur when batteries expire or are exposed to extreme heat. It’s a good idea to have your battery replaced every 2 years or as soon as it expires.

Can sapphire glass break?

All PANDORA watches have premium sapphire crystal glasses with the exception of Double Oblong models which have mineral crystal glasses. Sapphire crystals are brilliant and scratch resistant but not scratch or shatter proof. To avoid chips, cracks or scratches, we recommend that you remove your watch prior to vigorous activities such as physical work, gardening, active recreation and sport.

Sometimes, but not always, my watch loses time. How can this happen?

Some electrical devices such as refrigerators or speakers have a strong magnetic field that can affect the time keeping of your watch. Place your watch away from these devices. If you are experiencing difficulties, consider the machines in your environment. Ensure that you do not store your watch on or near such machines. Other causes of changes in time keeping are shocks from impact to the watch such as dropping your watch or activities that may jolt it such as playing tennis or golf. Thermal shocks may also affect time keeping. Forward your watch for testing to investigate time keeping issues.

Do I need to clean my watch every now and then?

To keep your watch looking beautiful, wipe the case and bracelet regularly with a soft damp cloth. This helps to remove dust, perspiration, perfumes and grit which can act like sandpaper causing premature wear. Take care to avoid contact with solvents, cosmetic products, perfumes, detergents, corrosive agents, adhesives and paints.

How do I care for my leather strap?

Your PANDORA leather straps are made from high quality Italian leather. The fashionable colours and designs are applied to the surface of the leather. Commercial Leather Cleaners will help to maintain the condition of your leather straps. As a natural product, leather may absorb substances such as perspiration, perfume, skin creams and tanning products. These substances can render the leather dry, deteriorated, and discoloured.

We recommend that you prevent contact with water, including salt water and chlorinated water as well as abrasive surfaces. PANDORA recommends professional leather restoration by a leather merchant or boot-maker to maintain the appearance of your leather straps.

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