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The bracelet

The PANDORA bracelet stretches over time as weight (e.g. charms) is put on the bracelet. The chain, commonly called a snake chain, is made out of many little rings which are twisted very tightly into the chain. When buying a new bracelet it should be fairly tight. There should be no more than a thumb space between your wrist and the bracelet.


Oxidation disappears with time. How quickly depends on how the jewellery is treated. Things which can cause the oxidation to fade include: perspiration, chlorine, perfumes, cleaning agents, and silver polish. Oxidation that fades is considered normal wear and tear and is not a defect. We do not recommend using silver polishing liquid. Oxidized (dark) jewellery does not benefit from being dipped in silver polishing liquid, as it destroys the oxidation.

Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Cultured freshwater pearls cannot withstand silver polish. Avoid contact with makeup, creams, chemicals, and cleaning agents.


All enamel is Italian made without glass, which makes it more durable.


Leather is a natural product that will benefit from careful protection. Do not use in water or other liquids that may cause discolouration. Leather can stretch and relax over time; stretching is not a defect in this product. As a natural feature of genuine leather, you may notice gentle shading and variations in colour. You may also experience a change in the shade of the leather due to oils in the skin and the addition of charms to the bracelet or necklace.

Use with a maximum of 7–9 charms. When adding charms to the new leather bracelets, please take care to hold the leather bracelet steady and twist the charm onto the bracelet. Be careful not to twist the leather part of the bracelet when adding charms, as the leather may be damaged.


Our macramé bracelets require the same level of care and handling as all PANDORA jewellery and can be cleaned gently with a mild soap and water. It is not recommended that you expose or submerge your macramé bracelet to water for prolonged periods of time as this may have adverse effects on the jewellery.

Color Cords

Color cords are made of synthetic fibres, which may become damaged or discoloured if submerged in water.


Black Crown Diamond watches from PANDORA are designed to ensure low maintenance. These water resistant, Swiss-made watches feature sapphire crystal*, genuine materials and certified diamonds. Black Crown Diamond watches have a long life expectancy, as do their batteries, which last up to six years. These watches come with a 3-year international warranty. To ensure the longest possible lifetime of the watch, please care for it according to the following guidelines:

  • Do not wear your Black Crown Diamond watch in a hot tub or sauna.
  • Avoid direct contact with chemical products such as solvents, detergents, perfumes and cosmetic products, as they may damage the watch.
  • To clean your watch, and/or metal bracelet, use a soft brush with soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Your watch should always be serviced by an official PANDORA store. 

For more information on protecting your Black Crown Diamond watch, please read the User Guide enclosed with the watch.

*Except models: 812019LG, 812020LS & 812063LS


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