Brand Protection

Today, PANDORA is present on six continents and, like many other global brands, we are facing the challenge of counterfeiters attempting to violate our brand, our products and our identity. It is illegal to sell counterfeit (fake) products. However, fraudulent counterfeiters continually attempt to exploit the PANDORA brand and benefit from the fame and worldwide success we have achieved. 

Therefore, we safeguard our intellectual property rights by all available means, including comprehensive global surveillance, registration and control programmes, so that you can remain confident that your PANDORA product is authentic and lives up to our high quality standards. We take serious action on a local level, as well as internationally, to stop counterfeiting of our products, and we strongly believe that our efforts will decrease the amount of infringers attempting to mislead you into believing that you are buying authentic PANDORA jewelry. 

The impact of Counterfeiting
When purchasing fake products, people directly or indirectly contribute to undermining responsible practices in the jewelry industry:

• Sellers of fake and illegal products rarely follow the standards and laws that legitimate companies adhere to in their practices, such as laws prohibiting forced labour and child labour, and laws protecting workers' rights

It is our assumption that

• Counterfeiters are known to not pay taxes, duties or customs fees in accordance with laws

• Counterfeiters are know to not manufacture their products in accordance with laws protecting the health and safety of the public, such as laws prohibiting the use of toxic and other harmful substances

• Illegitimate dealers rarely offer customer service and after sales service. By purchasing your jewelry from an authorized PANDORA dealer, your purchase is protected under our warranty policy, and you can benefit from the support of our customer service staff in many countries around the world

Find out how you can identify an authentic PANDORA product, find an authorized PANDORA retailer or how to report PANDORA brand and product violations


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