Responsible jewellery

At PANDORA, we believe that responsible business practices and our aspiration to offer high quality, affordable jewellery go hand in hand. That is why we are committed to developing and manufacturing PRODUCTS in a responsible manner; to providing a great environment for our PEOPLE; and to working towards minimizing our environmental impact on the PLANET.


We work closely with our suppliers to ensure their business activities comply with our ethical standards within human and labour rights, safe working conditions and environmental impact, as well as fair and honest business practices.

As part of our responsible supplier programme, we train and audit suppliers, engage in close dialogue, and provide extensive support to ensure that all our suppliers live up to our strict requirements.

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Our modern manufacturing facilities in Thailand provide safe working conditions to the more than 6,800 people engaged in crafting our jewellery and we are noted for providing new and innovative job opportunities.

Our Thai craftspeople are offered competitive wages and benefit packages that include free meals, free bus transport, scholarships, library services, maternity classes, extra holidays, sporting activities, as well as numerous social events.

Our store personnel are offered extensive training to improve their sales skills as well as to correctly inform consumers about the uniqueness, quality and integrity of our jewellery. Follow the journey of a PANDORA charm in The making of a charm movie here.

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We acknowledge that the manufacturing of jewellery has an impact on the environment. We work hard to minimize this footprint by reducing our consumption of water and energy. Further we recycle waste materials from the production process. Thus gypsum is turned into bricks and broken pieces from the Murano glass is turned into tiles, all used in the local construction sector.

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All PANDORA’s global operations are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a standards setting and certification organisation. Through the RJC, we actively engage with other responsible jewellery brands, organisations and civil society to lead the way towards a more sustainable jewellery industry, from mine to retail.
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Our manufacturing facilities are certified according to the ISO 14001 (Environment), OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety), ISO 50001 (Energy) and ISO 9001 (Quality) standards.


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